You are amazing

"You are amazing," she told me. Those three words were exactly what I needed to hear tonight. There have been many occasions this year that I have felt far from being an amazing person. However, my friend's statement made me realise how far I have come in the past year, and powerfully enabled me to let go of all the times where I haven't behaved as the person I want to be.

Without going into detail, whilst I wish that my current circumstances weren't as they are, the experience is allowing me to take a deep look into myself and the way I interact with others in a way that I know will strengthen all the relationships I have and to be more comfortable with who I am. Sometimes it takes a mere few words to catalyse a powerful transformation. I say catalyse because it will not come without life experiences, or personal reflection. Of course, there are many life experiences that we would rather not suffer. However, horrible as they may be, they are opportunities for inner growth if we allow them to be.

Discovering who we are is not a linear process towards a set outcome. It is a journey, or rather an adventure. One which we go through not alone but with the help of others. What can your words do for someone today to help them in their path of metamorphosis?


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