Impossible? I'm possible

This weekend someone introduced me to a saying that I had never heard of before by well-loved Hollywood actress and beauty Audrey Hepburn:
Nothing is impossible. The word itself says "I'm possible"

I found myself honing mindfully in to the little apostrophe that makes all the difference, followed by the space. It got me thinking about how perception can make a huge amount of difference in our lives by just taking a little distance, or space, from a situation or from the jumble of confused thoughts in our heads. All it needs is for us to take a slight step back to make a change in our thinking.

It's a question of awareness.

Reflecting further upon Hepburn's sentiment now, I am feeling quite empowered. I've been proving that I'm possible from the very beginning. My mum was 46 years old and on the contraceptive pill when she became pregnant with me. That in a sense makes me somewhat of a miracle. Not the mistake I have in the past labelled myself as.

This realisation has given me a big boost. Recently I've been having rather a tough time and have been feeling like I'm a failure and rather incompetent and incapable. I have been losing awareness of everything in my often tumultuous life that has shown me that I am more than good enough and that I am strong.

It is amazing what you can turn around simply from making the choice to believe and trust in yourself and make the decision to not see the worst in a given situation. You can instead look at the circumstances and think about what good can actually come of them and how they can change you for the better.

I have also learnt that it is important not to let other people's judgement and experiences cloud your own. Just because one person had a certain bad experience in a given set of circumstances does not mean the same will happen to you. Why? Because you have a choice. You can chose how you respond and you can come out of a bad experience having learned something from it.

As I write this, three words that appeared seemingly out of nowhere are stubbornly refusing to leave my head: dare to believe. I'll admit, those words are giving me a little bit of the collywobbles. I'm a little scared about what that might mean in practice. Yet I needn't be.

Is there anything that you have been holding back on because much as you would love for your life to move in that direction it all feels rather impossible?

What if you made a choice to believe in yourself and recognised "I'm possible"? Wow, what a refreshing "what if...?" statement to ask yourself. It sure makes a change from our usual "What if this or that happens?" "What if it doesn't work?" "What if it turns out to be a mistake?".

If it's a question of what seems like a crazy dream, maybe with some self belief it could be realised. In this regard I'd recommend that you do a little exercise in which you question what would be the downside(s) if your dream came true. It's surprising the perspective it can give you over what is holding you back.

Personally, what has often been holding me back is what I like to call my "discomfort zone".

I find myself being more "comfortable" doing what I have always done and experiencing discomfort because it fells an awful lot less scary that way to do the far more courageous thing of stepping out of this zone! But it is likely in the long term to be more painful if I don't take the leap of making the choice to do something different.

For all of us there can come a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud is more painful that the risk it takes to blossom. All it takes to bloom is to turn "impossible" into "I'm possible"


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