Creative magnificence

A friend shared with me a very beautiful post by artist and published author Jenny Hawke in her Thought For the Day on her Facebook page A Painting A Day.

The phrase "We have that choice as to whether to sit around waiting for the creative genius to come and take hold of us, or to doggedly keep pushing on until it does indeed touch us" really resonated with me. For so long I have put off blogging because I felt that I did not know where to begin, and I sat around waiting for the ideas to come. There news articles, videos or posts that I would see that had so much potential for sparking ideas but instead I felt intimidated, envious and disheartened.

I know that I can write, and that I can so so well. Indeed  I have often received compliments on it. Yet rather than experience joy induced by creatively playing wordsmith and making countless discoveries to share enthusiastically with the world it has been far easier to just turn away because it has been easier to give up than to try.

As Jenny said, "We are all touched by the creative genius, a gift that comes in many forms. And some of us find it hard to acknowledge it, not wanting the responsibility of working with it through life, it's simpler to turn away and say we have none."

Perhaps you too have pushed something away and turned your back on it because you have been afraid.

For me, the fear comes from the desire to be perfect and to be so now.

This is a pitfall that Jenny mentions in her post: "My feeling is that many of us sadly never fully dive into that creative flow simply because we assume it will just appear, fully formed and ready to be unleashed on the world."

I have just expected to be a fully-fledged writer overnight and felt that I should be brimming with perfect ideas that come to me easily. The obsession to be perfect has kept me fixated on what I could be some day, yet has stopped me to take steps towards that idea of future me.

Jenny continues in her post, "The truth is very different. It is in us all like a small seed in the dark earth. Dormant at times but when conditions are right and we ready to receive and let it grow within us it will begin to show itself. It is ours then to nurture, feed, explore and encourage if it is to grow. And grow it will, like the spread of a great oak. That's the beauty of creative grace.

Upon reading this last paragraph an image manifested strongly in my mind that of a seed clutched tightly in my hand. It was full of abundant potential to grow into something beautiful given the right conditions. For a moment I felt a burst of joy then I saw the fingers still held tight, the seed never released stagnating until it was too late.

We have to make that choice to plant it in the dark ground. It is scary at first because we may not know how to look after it and the initial darkness may make us afraid and want to dig it back up again. But persevere again and again, nurture it with love, learn what can encourage it to grow, and even what may stifle or harm it and it can and will turn into something magnificent. Not only magnificent but also beautifully unique, as no other person dead or a live will have cared for a tended their creative seed as you have.


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