Mindfully Working From Home

For many of us, COVID-19 has made working from home the new norm.  It is the perfect opportunity to bring more mindfulness into your life. Here are 5 tips to bring mindfulness into your home working life. 

1. Take back your commute

Previously you may have had heavy traffic to contend with or a busy public transport hub. Now you're working from home, your 'commute' might just be the time it takes to turn on your computer and log in from your bed (not recommended for your posture!). All of those precious minutes (or hours) previously spent travelling are now yours to own. You could fit in meditation time, build a new morning ritual, go for a mindful walk, journal on how you want the day to go, actually spend time enjoying breakfast rather than either skipping it or scoffing it down. So many possibilities! 

2. Own your breaks 

Without your boss breathing down your neck, or your colleague pestering you with 'would you mind just _____?", you can now find more freedom in taking breaks or even mini-breaks. Home comforts are at your fingertips! You can dance like nobody's watching to your favourite tune, savour your hot drink, have a bubble bath on your lunch break. 

3. Take a nap to recuperate 

Sleep badly the night before? In most offices, it would be rather frowned upon to snooze at your desk and you'd probably end up with a keyboard imprint on your face. Now with your bed or sofa at your disposal, you can catch some zzzs to keep your brain fresh so that you can still work mindfully and optimally. The perfect nap time is thought to be around 20 minutes. 

4. Stimulate the senses

If you got out a candle in your office, it would probably set off the smoke alarm. From your home office, however, you can light a scented candle of your favourite scent, or put on an essential oil diffuser. You can also choose your own environment, decorating with your choice of colours and shapes etcetera to channel your mood and goals. 

5. Stay grounded during video meetings 

Take some deep breaths before you start to settle in, and mindfully review and adjust your posture. Before the meeting starts, set your intention so that you can stay present.  Then when the meeting starts, mindfully observe your colleagues so that you can engage better with them. And if you're anything like me, you can fiddle with a pen or fidget toy under your desk in your comfy pyjama bottoms and nobody will notice!

What are your favourite tips for bringing mindfulness into home working? Share them in the comments!


  1. Save time on commute: yes I agree with that. Taking your own break: well there need to be a break schedule otherwise there will be a lot of breaks. lol


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